Have you ever heard of an “unconference”?

I hadn’t either. In fact, I hadn’t even wondered what one was because I had never heard of one at all, until I registered for my first one!


My awesome teacher friend Tara ( @myfirstgradezoo) invited me to the Spring TPT Unconference.

Here’s what I knew when I agreed to go:

1. I would get to hang out with my friend for the day

2.We would spend the day in NYC

3. I have been home on Maternity leave for three months and I could use a day away.
What I learned while I was there was so much more than I could have ever imagined!

First of all I learned that an unconference is an amazing thing! It’s a participant driven gathering of people who come together to learn and share. There are no presenters, although there was a facilitator to get the conversations going and there are no slideshows.

Here’s What I loved about the unconference:

1. I got to ask questions and receive tips from highly successful (the MOST successful) TPT authors to get their input on future steps.

2. I was able to share what is working for me to help other new-ish authors.

3. Everyone was valued and respected.

4. The TPT office in NYC is amazing and I need a Bevi machine in my life!

It was definitely a milestone for me. I feel like “First TPT Unconference” is worthy of baby book status (hah).

I took away several awesome ideas and have some amazing next steps so stay tuned as we continue on this fabulous journey!