New Year, New Desk, New discovery about my husband…He is super handy!

He’s a computer guy, so making little programs for me to make my previews, fixing my glitchy computer, recovering lost files- he’s always been super handy for that kind of stuff!

Recently, he has a new found passion for building things. After looking long and hard for a desk for our new home office and thinking we would have to break the bank to get what we wanted, he decided to design and build.

I am in LOVE! It’s a 10 foot shared desk for the two of us (he works from home).

IMG_1238 IMG_1181


There is even enough space for my two boys to squeeze in between us as we work!

When sharing of the desk pictures with my friends and colleagues many of them asked “Wait, how may computers do you have?”

The answer- One desktop and one laptop- 2 monitors for each.

So i’ll let you in on a little secret that my super handy husband and the rest of the computer community has been keeping from us for a long time- 2 monitors are better than one.


Hook up 2 monitors to your computer and adjust the display in the settings ( your computer must have a video card that supports 2 displays). Your mouse will be able to move from monitor to monitor and even drag things back and forth.

How do I use this super cool feature as a TPT seller?

I open up my clip art files on the right monitor and the packet I am working on on the left monitor. No more clicking back and forth, clicking the “insert image” and then scrolling through all my clip art. I just have the folder open on the right side, copy, and paste right into my projects.

It’s a TPT time saver for sure!  It helps me edit packets, add graphics, and even work from some of the templates I have to customize for the topic I am working on.

So there you have it… a TPT tip (and best kept secret).

Happy New Year!