Hey there! I am trying to be better about posting, but you know…. the life of a teacher!

Well, when I taught third grade, I wrote a little poem, and created a really fun and thoughtful project for the kiddos to do.  Now that I am in in first grade, we are always sharing new and fun ideas.

This year, I used resources created by any awesome member of my teaching team, Tara Hardink,  to do our New Year writing.

New Year 2016 writing Freebie!

Click here to get it for free!

My students used the cut and glue model along with some circle tracers, that I use several times a year,  to make their faces. At the beginning of the year, one of my super parents donated some really cool textured and printed card stock, so that’s what we used for the background of the tracers.  I also added some party squawkers for fun (did you know that’s what those shiny things are called? I didn’t!).  The students had tons of fun thinking of ideas, warmed up those fine motor skills with the cutting, and were super detailed in the pictures of their faces.

                    New Year Writing! New Year Writing New Year Writing!Happy New Year!

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