BRR winter is arriving and with the cold weather is tons of classroom winter fun! Silver glitter, student cut snowflakes hanging from the walls… I love this time of year with my students.

Christmas and Holiday time has passed and we are now on our school vacation. Time for me to relax, enjoy my own children, and plan lots of fun things to do for when we get back to school in January!

I can’t think of anything more fun in winter than all of the fun Snowmen books I love to share with my students. Carolyn Buehner has given us the gifts of Snowmen at Night, Snowmen at Work, Snowmen All Year, and even Snowmen at Christmas. One thing my students have enjoyed in the past is writing a “Snowman Job Application” for a job related to what they read about in the book. It really is like their own snowman creation comes to life!

Here are some of my favorite snowman & winter stories!

Favorite Snowman Books!

To celebrate one of my favorite times, I have created and posted my brand new Snowmen Math and Literacy Pack. I really enjoy using a small group approach almost throughout the entire school day, so you’ll find small group, partner activities, and some word work games and mats.

Word family mats for word word center.

My first graders are HUGE fans of the word work mats. Mostly, they love the fact that I let them choose what to use to create the “onset” or first letter on the word family mat. In the bin, I usually include the word family mats, small containers of playdough, wiki sticks, pipe cleaners, and even dry erase markers. This is one of the activities that students are often waiting for. It’s great for decoding, encoding (writing/spelling), and even fine motor skills.

Happy Winter!

Check out my Snowmen pack here!


Snowman & Winter Fun! 3 in a row game! This and 24 other activities for Math and Literacy in the bundle! Check out my blog!