It’s currently the first week in June and while some schools are out already,  here in Connecticut, we still have a couple weeks left.    Usually the weeks between Memorial Day and the end of the school year are what kids look forward to as the “Fun Times.” Usually these are the weeks full of school assemblies, performances, field trips, field day, and fun classroom activities.

As I looked back on some of my favorite end of the year themed days (you guys know I’m a sucker for a good theme), I started imagining how these fun days could be brought to kids digitally.

Today I’m going to share about one of my favorite days of the entire year. In fact, when I visited my class during my maternity leave, this is the day and these are the activities I chose to share with them.


A few of my favorite things to do on Bubble Fun day were making our own bubbles, designing bubble wands, and then playing bubble themed math games. How can we share in this fun digitally? Many of my teacher friends from around the country have a system set up in their school district for distributing items to students (printable activities etc) and if you have this system, you could even send a little package with bubbles and pipe cleaners home for children, but they could also experiment with bubbles they have at home or soap and water. You could even host a class Zoom where children share their creations or blow bubbles together.

I always used these printable resources, but in consideration of going digital, I’ve created same of these components digitally:

Bubble Writing-

Story writing about climbing inside a giant bubble is a super fun and imaginative and it was always one of my students’ favorite prompts. I’ve created a digital format to share using Google Slides. This part comes complete with a Google Form narrative checklist

Shape poems are also one of my favorite descriptive writing meets poetry tasks to use throughout the year.  The digital version offers an example and directions that could be shared digitally with students. Then you could compile the final slide where students share their work to create a virtual class bulletin board.

Opinion Writing is another one of those activities that just goes so much better when children have some concrete experience to relate to. This prompt worked so well for me after giving them some time outside to explore with bubbles. The digital version here has planning page, writing templates, and a Google Forms checklist depending on how formal you want to make the assignment.

Bubble Science

Explore and Observe: All year long, but especially at the end of the year I love to give children the opportunities to explore and observe. I’d typically just fill big containers with bubbles and ignore the spills and sticky messes and encourage them to go to town. Then I’d use either a KWL chart or an “I notice, I wonder” activity for them to respond to what they experienced. This can still be done digitally as long as your students have access to bubbles!

Create and Engineer – This bubble wand STEM is perhaps my favorite of all the included activities. At home, children can use whatever supplies they have, but if you’ve sent home a little kit with pipe cleaners, they work perfectly. Then they try to engineer a way to blow bubbles or make a bubble wand.  This is another super fun activity that could be taken digitally!

Bubble Themed Math:

Bringing math into the fun theme always encourages them. In the classroom I always try to tie the theme to one of our familiar activity types, so they can play pretty independently. I’ve brought this Bubble Bump activity digital for free here:

While it does entail either having the appropriate dice, or using a digital dice website, it can still be done either independently or with a family member at home. If your students are allowed to connect via Google Meet or Zoom or something, you could also have them interact and use the same shared slide file as a game board as they play live.

Hopefully you are able to squeeze some fun into these last few days!

Happy Teaching!