Have you ever been so busy that you’re thinking “Gee I wish there was a place I could find all the fun February things in one spot? Here it is!

I’ve put together this one stop February spot for you to search for ideas, topics, printables and more. You’ll find links to products and other blog posts you might like.

I hope this helps you fill in that planbook with great new lessons without a lot of extra work on your part!

Let’s talk Everything February!

Short on time? Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in this e-mail (Links and all!)

February Themes for Classroom Fun!

It feels sort of weird to think about February, but the fact is, as soon as the New Year has passed it sneaks right up.  As you start to fill in that plan book, I want to share some of my favorite February themes for classroom resources with you. Just having those theme reminders can help give some ideas for activities and lessons throughout the month.

I’ve written a blog post with 7 of my favorites, but I wanted to share my top 4 with you here:


2.Valentine’s Day


4.Dental Health

If you want some more inspiration, be sure to check out the blog post here!

100th Day

Is it the 100th day yet where you are?  Here in the northeast our hundredth day comes up at the beginning of February, and is celebrated with students in the younger grades. I think no matter the grade level, all elementary kids can have some fun for the 100th day if you have the right activities planned. I’ve celebrated with students from kindergarten through 5th grade using my favorite 100th day activities (read more about them here).  My all time favorite is the 100 second challenge. From marshmallow tosses to coin stacking, they love the somewhat competitive nature of the activities and the silly things that can happen along the way.

Could you use this free 100 second challenge resource? You can download it here!

Groundhog Day


So what will it be? 6 more weeks of winter or an early spring?  I am all about springtime when we can get outside for walks, trips to the park… when kids at school can have longer mask breaks and snack outside.

I have three activities you might want to check out for Groundhog Day!

1. Life Cycle of A Groundhog- If you’re looking for a science tie in for groundhogs and life cycles, this resource includes vocabulary cards, life cycle wheel, labeling, and cut and paste life cycle sequencing. (Find it here in my shop or here on tpt.)

2. Groundhog Day Color By Number- This is a great morning work, early finisher, math station, or substitute teacher plans near Groundhog Day! You can find this print and go, no prep resource here! (or here on tpt)

3. Make a Prediction- This resource helps your students to brainstorm to answer the common opinion question “Will the groundhog see its shadow? Will we have more winter weather or early spring weather?” It includes differentiated materials so you can pick the parts that work best for your students! Get this time saving resource here (or here on tpt)

Dental Health Month

When I was a little girl, a hygienist used to come to our school every February with a giant teddy bear that had teeth… what looked like real people teeth. She would show us how to brush and floss. I have to confess, it was sort of frightening (the bear with people teeth part), but we got the idea. I still remember it to this day, so it definitely had an impact.

Now that I think of it… I am really wondering if this is a widespread sort of practice or something that just happens local to me… let me know. Seriously… I’m dying to know if this type of bear made an appearance when you were in school!

You might have a visit from a hygienist or dentist. You might watch videos or read books about taking care of teeth (Don’t miss Dr. Desoto! That’s a favorite!). You might research all about dentists, or even paint with toothbrushes!

I’ve put together a list of fun activities you can do with your students during Dental Health Month on this blog post. Check it out!

I mean… really, who would want to miss making a cute little tooth fairy tips pouch anyway?



February Favorites Bundle

Saving time and money are always two good ways to make it a good month! I have bundled up 19 of my February resources so you can have what you need when you need it and at a 50% discount!

It includes:
*February Word Problem Journal
*February Writing Prompts
*February Sight Words
*February Emergent Reader
*Groundhog Day Color by Number
*Groundhog Day Prediction
*Life Cycle of a Groundhog
*First Grade Valentine’s Day Printables
*How to Send a Valentine Sequencing
*Valentine’s Day Color By Number
*Valentine’s Day Color By Number Addition to 10
*Valentine’s Day Color By Number Addition to 20
*Valentine’s Day Number Practice (# to 5)
*Valentine’s Day Write the Room Math
*Valentine’s Day Differentiated 10 Frame Practice
*Valentines Day Math Fact Center
*Presidents Day Color By Number
*Dental Health Activities
*Taking Care of Teeth Emergent Reader


Fun February Days!

I am always looking for fun topics to talk about throughout the month! These types of days are fun to talk about during journal writing, stations, read alouds, or greetings! If you have students answer a question of the day, that’s also a great time to incorporate these kinds of special days. These are the dates for 2022. 🙂

February 1- National Dark Chocolate Day

February 2- Groundhog Day

February 3- National Golden Retriever Day

February 6- Pay a Compliment Day

February 9 – National Pizza Day!

February 11- National Inventors’ Day

February 14- Valentine’s Day

February 16- Do a Grouch a Favor Day

February 20- Love your Pet Day

February 26- Tell a Fairy Tale Day

February 27- International Polar Bear Day

I hope this post helps you to collect some wonderful ideas for things you might want to teach about during February! Let me know if you have any other favorite activities in the comments!