If you use fairy tales to teach comprehension, you are probably looking for some fun, easy, and no prep (or low prep) printables to use alongside your reading lessons.

My favorite fairy tales for teaching comprehension lessons are:

*Jack and the Beanstalk

*Little Red Riding Hood

*Goldilocks and the Three Bears

*Three Billy Goats Gruff

*Little Red Hen

*Three Little Pigs

*The Ugly Duckling

Whether you have a print copy of these books or are looking for a video to show students about the fairy tales, you can practice so many comprehension skills with fairy tales.

Are you looking for comprehensive fairy tale resources that include activities such as:

*Oral retelling mats

*Written Retell Booklet


*Character trait webs and writing pages

*Compare/ contrast Venn Diagrams

*What did the character learn?

*Math Extension

*Literacy Extension

If you’d like the complete comprehensive printables that provide days worth of activities for the fairy tales above you can get the whole bundle with more than 400 pages of differentiated resources at more than 20% off here.

If you want a couple of quick and easy free printables for a little sample of the types of included activities, you can get three freebies here including : Three Billy Goats Opinion Writing, Three Little Pigs Compare and Contrast, and The Ugly Duckling Retelling freebie.

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