What’s better than a month full of pink hearts and all things love? A month full of love and freebies!

Teaching is never easy and sometimes you might find yourself with an empty spot in your February plan book you’re looking to fill. Or… maybe you want to have some fun thematic substitute activities ready to go, but you’re not sure if you’ll use them so you don’t want to invest a lot of time and effort in finding the resources or paying for them.

I also like to keep some printable activities in a file for those moments when students finish an activity earlier than expected, or we’ve got that awkward 10 minutes before they go to Art or PE.

When you have a thematic activity ready it can make this “extra” feel fun and relevant rather than just like an extra piece of busy work. Whether it’s printables for February, Valentine’s Day, or Presidents’ Day… I have freebies you might love for your class!

I think you’ll find that these February freebies might be just what you need!

February Celebrations Printable Emergent Reader

This is a great quick and easy emergent reader. It’s printable, patterned, and introduces some different February celebrations. It also offers supporting graphic organizers and writing pages for opinion writing for students to write about their favorite celebration in February.

These are great for the first day of the month. You can read them aloud, use them as a literacy center, or even during reading groups. Then students can even get some fine motor practice in as they color the pages to make this booklet their own!

Valentine’s Day Write the Room

Write the Room resources are one of my favorites because you can practice almost any skill with them! (read more here!) This particular version is a free printable version of addition and subtraction to 10 mixed.
All you need to do is print the recording sheet and the problem cards. Hang the cards up around the room and it’s like a scavenger hunt meets math fact practice. Students use their recording sheets to write the equation next to the matching picture from the card.

Hint- Give the students clip boards and make a big deal about how official this makes them. Without fail, my students always act VERY official if we use clip boards for this!

I like to use this resource as morning work/ morning activity when students first  come into the classroom, as a math station, or as an early finisher activity for math time.  It’s also fun to leave them up around the room for a few days because you’ll find that as students line up or move around the room they will still be solving!

I have a whole bundle of write the room math resources (especially for first grade) here if you’d like to check them out!

Valentine’s Day “I Love You More Than…” Writing

This cute little writing activity is great for students to make for a friend or family member. There are two choices for writing templates. This one shown is the one that helps students to identify the greater than symbol and combine a little math with their writing. The other included version just has the words “more than” in the heart. This is great for a writing station and can actually be used for Mother’s Day , Father’s Day, or to honor any special person.

Winter ABC Order

Getting seasonal with basic word practice, like alphabetical order, is a  great way to make the practice a little more fun. These are great ones to have in your back pocket or for a guest teacher all winter long… and like it or not… it’s still winter in February!

These are literally no prep, print and go resources which definitely make them worth a download.

Presidents’ Day Color  By Number Free

I absolutely love color by code activities and so do my students. You can use them so many ways in the classroom to practice many many skills.

This Presidents’ Day freebie includes a color by number page for Lincoln, Washington, and then a general patriotic picture. It’s great color word practice, fine motor practice, and fun!

Once again this is a great no prep resource to keep at your fingertips mid February! It’s also a great way to connect to other learning you might be doing about presidents of the past.

I also have a whole library of color  by number resources you can find here:

Color by Number

Color By Number Addition to 10

Color By Number Addition to 20

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