Last post I shared with you about how color coding the sight words in my classroom helped with practice, management, and ultimately helped my students to learn their sight words more effectively.

We all know, however, that mastering those words takes more than just hanging them on a word wall, or introducing them at morning meeting. We need practice! For some kids we need A LOT of practice!

I was always good at pulling those words out and featuring them in the small group books we use in my district, however, I was really lacking “working with word” center activities that matched… So there was my next point of creation!

I began to create and compile resources, games, and activities for practice.

Take a look!

My students often struggle to master their first grade sight words. I have found that there are 4 important ingredients to creating sight word activities to keep my students begging for more!

My Sight Word Practice Activities have four important “ingredients”:
1. They require repeated practice reading the words.

2. They are varied in type of activity and materials used.

3. They can be done mostly independently (or with a partner) and can be repeated.

4. They are fun and engaging! They are more than just “worksheets”.

I tend to use different activities month to month, but the color by word activities I use different images all year long (they can’t get enough of these!). I also like to repeat the activities after a month or two with new words, or even with a slight spin on the activities as the year goes on. This leads to increased independence and confidence!

I’m ready to share the September practice with you Here!