Christmastime is my FAVORITE time of year. It is also one of the most challenging times of year for teachers. The children are abuzz with excitement and anticipation of all of the holiday celebrations and festivities.

One problem I have been running into is a lack of interesting resources for my beginning readers (who still need patterned text, but have flown through the limited titles available to me).
As a result I created a few Christmas Mini books. My students have just loved them. They love that they can highlight the focus sight words, and many of them enjoy coloring the pictures when they share the books with family members at home. I also included a couple of follow up activities for each book.

Check them out here!

Christmas Mini books


During writing time, I am using some fun and engaging journal writing prompts. The kids LOVE to alternate through narrative, expository , and opinion writing.  The thing I have enjoyed about these prompts is that there are two different versions, both with the same topics. The second version (included in the pack) gives a little more support to my struggling learners but they are still writing about what their peers are.

Check this pack out here!

Christmas Journal Journal Sample Journal Sample


I also have my students working on independent writing projects. Many of them have enjoyed the Holiday season stationary to write on. There are different line sizes, different designs… it really just gives the children choices and adds a bit of fun to writing.

Holiday Writing Paper Writing Paper Gingerbread Man!



Stay tuned! Holiday Math coming soon!!!