One of my favorite science units has always been learning about life cycles. Learning about life cycles is so engaging to students because they¬† are using their observational skills to notice and comment on what happens… and the changes sometimes seem magical! I usually teach about life cycles in springtime, but I’ve come to learn that there are animals around all year long that students are excited to learn about.

The thing I love about life cycles is that when we are talking about animals (and even plants!) students get really excited. Since these concepts are so engaging you can actually study many different life cycles , but change your objective or the task at hand to engage students while practicing a wide range of academic skills.

Learning and writing about life cycles helps students to practice:

*Making observations

*Drawing and writing to communicate observations

*Using content specific vocabulary in context

*Research and “all about” writing skills

*Making predictions

*Drawing conclusions

*Asking and answering questions


*Sequential writing

*Informational Writing

When it comes to students showing what they know about life cycles, there are several different formats I have used in the past!
Check out these types of life cycle activities my students have enjoyed through the years!

Picture Sequencing


Life Cycle Cut and Paste (and write)


Life Cycle Booklet

Life Cycle Wheel


I’m a huge fan of having choices for students and teachers. I know that in a class with learner diversity, a teacher might even need two different methods for the same content, which is why all of these activities are included in each of my life cycle resources! For most of them I also include vocabulary cards and research companion materials so students can also organize things they have learned about each animal and then write informational pieces.


Some of my favorite Life Cycle Units are:

*Life Cycle of a Frog

*Life Cycle of a Butterfly

*Life Cycle of a Rabbit

*Life Cycle of a Honey Bee

*Life Cycle of a Cow

*Life Cycle of an Ant

*Life Cycle of a Groundhog

*Life Cycle of a Firefly

*Life Cycle of a Goose

*Life Cycle of a Mouse

*Life Cycle of a Sheep

* Life Cycle of a Robin

*Life Cycle of a Penguin

*Life Cycle of a Reindeer

*Life Cycle of a Harp Seal

*Life Cycle of a Coniferous Tree

*How a Pumpkin Grows

If you’re looking to use many life cycle resources throughout the year, I think this bundle might be just what you’re looking for!