It has been a very busy week and a half in my classroom. We have been reading many of the wonderful stories by Joy Cowley about Mrs.Wishy Washy and the Meanies.

The most exciting thing for my students has been that they are able to read enough now to navigate the text on their own, or read along with me during the read aloud.

From the moment they saw the cover of Mrs.Wishy Washy, the students seemed to make a connection- there was really instant excitement.

I started by reading Mrs.Wishy Washy and asking students to create a basic “beginning, middle, end” retelling book. (Freebie Here)

Mrs.Wishy Washy Activities!


Then we went on to read about the Meanies. The students created their own meanies and did some descriptive writing about them.
Next on the agenda was “Shopping with the Meanies” and “The Meanies Came to School”. At this time, the kids were in LOVE with these little critters. They were excited to write their own stories about the trouble the meanies could cause in all different places! One student chose to write about the meanies going to the north pole. another wrote about the meanies at a local ice cream shop. The students were so excited, and not one of them looked up and told me that they didn’t know what to write.

Splishy Sploshy for my students was the ultimate merge of these two beloved stories. They were so excited to see how Mrs.Wishy Washy would handle those meanies, and were even more excited when they came to school the next day and saw their meanies hanging up to dry on the clothesline on our bulletin board.

Mrs.Wishy Washy and the Meanies!

This has been a wonderful opportunity to merge reading and writing , character traits, and fun!

One of my students summed it up as she walked out of the room today. “Bye Mrs.B… Have a Wishy Washy day.”