The end of the school year and the beginning of the school year are alike in so many ways. Holding the classroom community together, fun and engaging activities to keep them learning.

I’ve written before about how I love to end the year with fun themed days.

Watermelon day is one of my definite favorites. Let’s face it, any time we invite our students or kiddos to eat, they’re happier.

When I plan these themed days, I always like to have some sort of math activity,  writing activity, and something related to science or social studies. I also love to find a good read aloud book or two to share with my students.

Here are my 5 favorite Watermelon Day activities:

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This is their favorite part. I usually start the day with the taste testing and sensory observations. Sometime’s I’ve used a web organizer and other times I’ve used the sensory web. I also have chosen on certain years to have students extend their web into a writing assignment, but other times, the watermelon web is just fine. This is especially true because I like to do another writing activity or so.

Watermelon Opinion Writing-

I feel like you definitely want to have the taste testing before moving onto this activity because each year I’ve had one student at least who has never tried watermelon!

Watermelon Shape Poem-

Am I becoming one of those people who says every single activity is their favorites? Well this shape poem activity actually is definitely a favorite. We complete them all year long, but they are super excited and ready to write after tasting and making their observations.

Watermelon Story Response-

My all time favorite watermelon story is The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli. (I wrote more about my fondness for this book here) Sometimes I like to complete a story part web, sometimes connection page, sometimes a summary. It really depends on the area that my students are needing a little extra practice in. I love this story because it works so well as a launching pad for so many different response pages.


Watermelon Math-

Basic roll and color games are great for practicing basic math facts. I also love that since we use roll and color all year long, they know how to play but the watermelon theme makes it engaging once again! Bump games are another similar type of activity that you can print and laminate and use again and again. If you have a few days left and want to play the game again and again, it might be worth printing a color copy laminating it to use again and again.



Get this resource here: Watermelon Fun Activities