My very basic classroom is pinterest worthy... and so is yours! Find out why!With all these back to school posts starting to surface, I quickly feel like climbing back into my shell. Even though I am taking a one year maternity leave, my classroom has never had beautiful bunting borders, fancy hanging lights, or even pretty labels on every bin.

So as the turtle in me begins to retreat… the hardworking teacher in me is screaming”Hey, my classroom is just fine! Share it with the world! ”

So I’m going with this new philosophy… my classroom is Pinterest worthy and so is YOURS!

How? Do I need to run out and spend hundreds of dollars on cute little matching themed baskets and buckets, beautiful light boxes, and DIY upholstered stools? Nope.

In fact, ALL classrooms are pinterest worthy! Pinterest is a place for us to share what we do, and how we rock different parts of our lives. That means that you… yes YOU should be able to feel great about posting a picture of your awesome classroom.

In fact, I prefer a more clean cut (although not apparent from this picture which was taken mid- set up) approach. I have bright bulletin boards and open spaces, but things are pretty simple. And my classroom is not any better or any worse than the teacher down the hall. All classrooms simple or fancy are worthy of sharing!

And let’s be completely honest… it’s what you do inside those 4 walls on a day to day basis that DEFINITELY makes your classroom even MORE pinterest worthy! I’m sure your classroom is bursting with ideas and wonderful work that teachers everywhere could benefit from!

So don’t be shy! Come out of your shell! Share the ideas you have each day…  share your simple, but awesome bulletin board with student work that they are so proud of… and sure, share the one you spent a whole weeks worth of plan periods putting up. Share the word work center you threw together in 5 minutes…. and share the one you spent your whole weekend (and budget) prepping.

Remember this back to school season that what you do is worth sharing!

If for no other reason than to help out a fellow turtle teacher 🙂