Classroom Games to Practice Any Skill

Classrooms are busy places with such a wide range of learners. Differentiation can be quite a challenge, especially with the time constraints and classroom management challenges that come with teaching early elementary students. I absolutely LOVE using a center or station based approach for both reading and math. A center based approach, even for some [...]

5 Tips for Positive Relationships with Paras

Being a teacher is not easy... I'm guessing we pretty much all agree on that. But during my time substituting at the beginning of my teaching career,  I began to notice another job with its own unique challenges... paraprofessionals. In fact, my days substituting for paras were some of the most demanding and exhausting of [...]

7 St. Patrick’s Day Writing Activities

St. Patrick's day is such a magical time where students are thinking about leprechauns, shamrocks, and treasure Oh My! It's such a great opportunity to capture that excitement in their writing. Since 7 is my lucky number, here are 7 St. Patrick's Day themed writing activities are great ways to get students thinking and writing [...]

Valentine’s Day Number Practice

  I've shared before that I'm a huge sucker for thematic units and them   atic activities. I think they're super engaging, and holidays are a perfect time for thematic resources! This year I've been working on creating resources for younger students at the preschool and kindergarten level. I thought maybe you'd like to try [...]

Picture Books about Birthdays

Whether it was our All About Me unit, or just a little something special to celebrate classroom birthdays, I often found myself looking for fun birthday themed books to add to my classroom library. Here are some of my favorite picture books about birthday which are great for preschool and early elementary students! This post [...]

Preschool Snowman Activities

It sure is chilly here in New England this time of year. We actually found December to be snowier than January, but we've still got snowmen and all things snowy on our minds! We love thematic fun, so we definitely have enjoyed these fun snowman activities which are right in line with what young learners  [...]