Teaching Classroom Expectations with Varying School Models

Teaching classroom rules and expectations has always been a SUPER important part of launching the new school year positively. I always spend time setting collaborative classroom rules , practicing collaborative problem solving, and building classroom routines. This year feels a little bit different, with possibilities of varied, changing, and new visions of what your classroom might look [...]

Teaching Classroom Rules in a Classroom with Social Distancing

If your classroom has some social distancing precautions this year, teaching classroom rules may be a little bit different. You can still follow the steps for setting collaborative rules, even when the rules look a little bit different. For example, sharing is something my class normally encourages with our classroom expectations, however this year, sharing [...]

Back to School 2020

As I write this, we're still in the month of July. Typically, here in CT that means that teachers are finally able to let go of the worries of the classroom and enjoy the sunshine. This year is so much different! I tend to shy away from writing time specific posts because I want to [...]