As promised, I’m back discussing paired texts.

I hadn’t really thought a lot about pairing informational and fictional texts as an objective before the implementation of the Common Core. I’ll tell you what though, my students LOVE this concept and it adds a great amount of FUN and continuity to my instruction.

One thing my first graders  love about this concept is that we might spend the whole week, for example, learning, reading, and writing about bears. They are able to make lots of connections between the texts, and reread familiar texts. It also gives young children the opportunity to learn and ask questions in context. Sometimes that “wondering” doesn’t happen on demand with a first read of a story or introduction to a topic.

Pairing texts has also given me a wonderful opportunity to accomplish tackling all three modes of writing expected (narrative, opinion, and explanatory) in a really natural and thoughtful way.  For example, once students have learned about spiders, they can write facts about spiders, list the steps to make a spider out of paper/ other craft materials, tell whether they think spiders are “cute” or “creepy”, and write a story about a spider.


I feel like my students are learning how to be learners. They are engaging with books in a context that makes sense. They are making connections between texts and then across time. They are engaged and they are having FUN!

I generally like to use at least 1 fictional story, one informational book, one video(if available), and one poem. I have begun setting out to capture some of those paired text activities in some of my new resources. Although I wish I could include the poems and videos in these packs, those materials belong to someone else, and can’t be included. I usually find, however, that a simple pinterest or youtube search will bring me what I need in those areas.

So here they are: Paired text mini unit resources 🙂

Raccoon paired text mini unit to use with The Kissing Hand and any informational text about raccoons. Paired Text Mini Unit to use with Click Clack Moo and any cow informational text. Paired Texts mini unit to use with If You Give A Pig a Pancake and any informational text about pigs. Paired text mini unit to use with If You Give a Moose a Muffin and any informational text about moose.