It sure is chilly here in New England this time of year. We actually found December to be snowier than January, but we’ve still got snowmen and all things snowy on our minds! We love thematic fun, so we definitely have enjoyed these fun snowman activities which are right in line with what young learners¬† need.

We love to sing and do some movement activities as well as get a little messy to explore the world and our own creativity while developing early literacy and math skills.

The skills we practice during this week include:

*Generating ideas for writing
*Name recognition/ writing/ building
*Counting and number recognition
*1:1 counting match
*Fine Motor with buttons, snow dough, coloring/drawing
*Creative expression
*Movement and cooperative play
*Imaginative thinking
*shapes & colors
*Science & Observations
*Active Listening to stories (For my favorite snowman stories, check out this post!)
*Concepts about print

Here are a few of our favorite snowman themed activities!

For the recipes, printables, teaching notes and directions and more, check out my prek snowman resource here!