Printable Back to School & September Writing

Getting ready to go back to school is a happy-sad completely bitter sweet thing!  I have just finished fixing up my September writing activities. I designed this pack to meet the needs of a Back to School journal as well, even including a cover that says Back to School and one that says September. This way, if you’re like me and have a few days of school in August, you’re all set!

September Writing Activities!

I like to get students writing by offering a number of prompts to them. I prefer to print all the prompts together along with some of the Back to School paper templates for free choice writing. In the past, I’ve started off by asking everyone to write about the same thing. For second graders, you could even print this journal and have students choose over the course of the month to complete writing at their own pace.

September Writing Activities!

Topics included are:

-Back to school

-Beginning of Fall

-Labor Day

-Constitution Day

September Writing Activities!

The Make a List pages are great for beginning of the year centers.

September Writing Activities!

I also like to include the card writing templates. At the beginning of the year for my first graders, I usually only print the cover page, and leave the inside blank. However, in the pack I have included letter writing template lines so you can print double sided, fold, and go!

September Writing Activities!

It’s on sale for a limited time, so check it out!



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