My name is Jenn… and I’m addicted to clip art.

I was going to do another “Favorite Things” post , but I realized that it’s not really favorite things, more like favorite clip art.  I am too embarrassed to share how many clip art sets I purchased during the sale, but let’s just say It’ll be a busy summer creating with them!

Just 6 months ago I’ll admit, I thought one of my teacher friends (who is also on TPT) was insane for purchasing clip art. After spending countless hours searching for just the right images, I made my first purchase… and I didn’t regret it! Children (especially in early elementary) need visuals to support text. I’d actually argue that visuals are just as important to everyone- grown ups alike. So, now I’m writing from the other side of the coin and I’ll answer the question- in my opinion.

Why buy when you can get it for free?

1.  Copyright/ Permissions for commercial use-  Check out the copyright or terms of use for any clip art you use (free or purchased). You’d probably be as surprised as I was at how little you are allowed to use for “commerical” use, which is what TeachersPayTeachers is. I have found some of my favorite sellers (I’ll highlight a few at the end of this article) who allow for TeachersPayTeachers and usually limited small commercial use .

2. It saves time- If you have an idea for a resource, or already have one created, there’s nothing worse than going on a scavenger hunt for the different images you need. Half of the time, you can’t use what you find on TeachersPayTeachers anyways!

3. It’s pretty- It is a new “thing” of mine to have the clip art in my packs “match” at least within the pack.  It helps to make a more cohesive packet, especially when the pack is all about one certain topic or skill. This clip art is also created by talented artists who have taken the time to do this as a business, so they are bright, beautiful, relevant and worth it!

4. Black line/ Color- You have probably tried to copy a file or activity that is in color into black and white. Half the time you can’t tell what the image was of. Never mind if you end up making copies of copies over the year. Many clip art artists offer black line (black and white) and the color version. This is awesome for creating color vocab cards and center games and matching student activities pages which need to be copied for each student.

5. It’s an investment- When I started purchasing clip art that supported and enriched my resources, they started selling!

6. It supports other teachers and artists-  I actually feel kind of happy that somewhere, on the other end of that “purchase” button, someone who worked hard and created an awesome product is hearing “Chaching!”

I so appreciate the clip art artists that I use, so here are a few of my favorite artists and recent purchases!

     Awesome clip art artist! See a review on

This girl offers the cutest clip art sets. I love that they are “complete” and support and inspire some of my resources! I have used her clip art in my camping resources and have loads of cute summer clip art in products that are coming soon!  And one of the most awesome things is, she offers each set for 50% off for the first 48 hours (gets me every time!) So definitely follow her/ find her on facebook so you can get updates about the new products that are offered.

Here’s one of the super sets I recently purchased.

Carnival clip art set by Educlips- see a review at


Awesome clip art artist! See a review on 

I love the style of this awesome clip art artist. She has the cutest “stitch” style that accents so many of the sets I love. I really love her animal sets, and have used them in all of my animal packs so far. She also has some really versatile “toppers” and kid sets which can match many of the characters for text studies. Plus, she offers some super cute freebies, like “A Sweet Lil Raccoon” which I used in my Kissing Hand Pack.

Here’s one of her sets I purchased during the sale:

Apples clip art set by Teaching in the Tongass- see a review at

Get ready for a fall apple pack!


Awesome clip art artist! See a review on

Krista Wallden is one of my absolute favorites. I have featured her art on my current blog design. She offers the most bright and vibrant clip art I have ever come across. She is a true artist and it shines through in all of her work.  She offers loads of wonderful seasonal sets along with bright accents,  the most wonderful doodle borders, and even some snazzy fonts, which give my products a little more pizzazz.She also offers graphic clubs and “surprises”.  She offers these as a huge discount, but you do not see the clip art sets included until the specified date. I was skeptical at first about purchasing something before I ever saw it, but once I began using her work and seeing samples of some of her graphics club sets, I was sold. I recently enjoyed her Teacher appreciation pack, which she updated with a new set every day during Teacher Appreciation week. It felt like I had a present to open each day!  She usually lists these at a n additional discount when they first come available, so I always grab those up right away ( follow her on facebook to get updates!). She also just started selling the most wonderful paper goods, such as notepads and postcards.

Here’s one of her sets I purchased during the sale.

Kids clip art set by Krista Wallden- See a review on

The uses for this versatile set are endless!

So, all in all, I am addicted to clip art. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing… but it’s the truth. After all, my products are only as good as their graphics. 🙂