Boo! Did I scare you? Ok , Ok I’m not scary, but do you know what is? Halloween time in the classroom! I am always looking for quick and easy things to do with my kiddos at Halloween time to keep them engaged and learning, while giving into a little bit of fun! I’ve also bundled them all into a resource you can grab if you’re ready to print and go.

Here are 5 quick and easy activities you can do with your class!

1.Pumpkin Lacing

I love to do this activity with my students all month long! I buy the foam pumpkins from the craft store in a pack of 30. With a 50% off coupon they cost me $3.50 which isn’t bad at all! I like to put the lacing cards in morning tubs, and then they do one of their own to decorate and take home at the end of the month. I personally love to have them decorate with the foam sheets with sticker backings. I’ve also used cardstock to lace as well and if you laminated them first they might hold up! I have tried doing this activity by having students punch the holes and also punching the holes ahead of time.


2.Letter Scramble

My kiddos love these fun word activities! They are great for word work centers, book buddies, or even to do during Halloween centers during a class party!  I picked 4 fun word puzzles to include in my resource, but any fall or Halloween sayings will do! This activity is so easy to do! You can also do this even on the board or chart paper with sticky notes for your students to manipulate!


3.KId created Halloween Bingo

This is another great printable activity. It does take a little prep, but that prep is all the up to the kids! You print the bingo board and the pieces and then the students cut (color if you want) and glue them onto their board. You use an extra set of the picture pieces to play bingo! I have found that candies are the cutest little markers, but if this doesn’t work for your students, any counters will do!


4.Roll and Cover

How about a little fun Halloween math practice? This print and go game is great as a partner game or during math time on Halloween! I’ve included a counting, addition to 10, and a multiply by 5 version. I love that the kids can use this game again and again, so it’s not something they are “done” with. You can also make the game a little trickier by  turning it into a bump game, where they can stack their pieces to lock their spot (by rolling the same answer twice) or bump someone if they roll something their partner has one piece on.


5.Spin a monster

I’ll admit it… I saved my favorite for last!

Use this little spinner mat to spin a paperclip around a pencil to make a monster! You can either have it really be print and go by having the kids draw a monster as they spin through the boxes, or you can have them create a monster with clay/ dough which is a little more involved!


If you try any of these ideas with your class, let me know how it went!

If you’re like me at this time of year and want everything ready to go, I’ve posted this resource in my TPT shop!