Book series are such a gift to teachers and readers alike. When a child finds a series that they love and can relate to, it takes that friction out of choosing a good book to snuggle up with. I know my own children, as they transitioned to chapter books, choosing a book they don’t love seems like such a big investment compared to flying through a picture book that maybe isn’t your favorite.

I recently received a couple of copies of books from the Zoey and Sassafras series by Asia Citro from Innovation press for review, and I LOVE them!

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Here are some of the reasons I think they’re amazing:

1. The reading level is perfect for beginning chapter book lovers.

According to the book website, the book levels range from N-P which is solid second and third grade reading, but I know some first graders who would love and be able to read the books.

2. These books are an amazing mix of science and fantasy.

The author does such a great job of connecting real science topics and concepts along with the playful and imaginative storylines with unicorns, merhorses, and talking frogs (to name a few).

3. Vocabulary sprinkled throughout

Although some of the text structure is more basic, causing it to be accessible to a wide range of readers, there is still some great vocabulary sprinkled throughout the book. I love to include vocabulary connections in my study of books, and this one lends itself to that!

4. Engaging pictures makes the stories inviting.

I love the black and white pictures sprinkled throughout and so do my kiddos. It helps to bring the story to life, but still leaves plenty of room for imagination.

5. Generally short chapter length and larger than usual printed words

This has been really important for some of my struggling readers. Long chapters are daunting and seem to lose students in frustration. The shorter chapters allow for time to stop, check comprehension, discuss and reflect in a more natural way.

Check out the books in the series so far!

I just discovered that there’s even a book set for # 1-6!

I’ve created some resources for a couple of the books! You can check them out here!