Resources for teaching and practicing Diphthongs

Happy Wednesday! The week is over half over by now. I’ve been home with my sick little one for the past two days. It’s so difficult to balance being a mommy and a teacher. Knowing that my own children are the most important thing, but it doesn’t take away the teacher-guilt from being away.

Anyway, I am writing in the few minutes of nap time relief and I want to share some of the new phonics resources that I am super excited about.

Using one of my recent purchases from Educlips (featured as one of my favorite clip art artists) I created a series of diphthong practice activities.

I have long believed in the power of students seeing, saying, and moving in order to learn almost anything more effectively. This year, I’ve been really using this approach in my classroom. I have been using the chants and connecting these skills to the reading they are doing during reading groups, but I realized that I was lacking just a little more reinforcement practice. From that, my diphthong resources were born!

Each pack includes full page phonics posters with an anchor word (the chant and actions are included on the teaching notes pages). Each pack also includes word cards with matching pictures. Students can match the picture to the word (If you cut the picture part off), they can be used for word sorts, abc order, word wall cards… so many different things! I have also included practice pages (2 per diphthong) plus a couple of additional cute activities to use as a follow up in centers or during morning work time.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

aw/aw dipthong chant, practice, sort, and play activities.  ew-oo dipthong chant, practice, sort, and play activities. oi/oy dipthong chant, practice, sort, and play activities. \ow/ou dipthong chant, practice, sort, and play activities.


I have also decided to offer them bundled (all for packs for the price of 3!) I am so excited about this bundle, and know that as new skills are added it’s so nice to be able to incorporate the old skills as well for reinforcement. The common format of these packs helps to support their usefulness together and individually.

Diphthong chant, practice, sort, and play pack!

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