I’ve always said we are lucky, as teachers, to get two new years.

I’ll admit the one that feels most like “New Year” to me is the beginning of each school year. It’s how my salary is calculated, benefits are paid, and life “begins again” each September with a new group of students. It’s also a lot easier for me to keep these resolutions because the start of each new school year is the start of new routines, a chance to leave old habits behind. As a mom, it’s also incredibly overwhelming. I’m struggling to be good at more than one thing at a time as it is (Can any person truly balance being a super mom, rockstar teacher, health enthusiast, meticulous housekeeper, and financial guru?) .  During the summer I do pretty well managing the housekeeping and mom part, but the rest goes by the wayside (These add-your-own-toppings Froyo places are my weak spot.)

So here’s to a new year. A chance to start new.

Here are my School Year Resolutions inspired by some of my favorite songs:

*”Let It Go”- let the dust go, let the laundry go ( or stay in the clean laundry baskets instead of folding), let the dreams of a pinterest worthy classroom set up go. If I can let them all go, I can spend less time feeling bad about myself, and more time being productive.

*”Living in the moment” ( A Jason Mraz Favorite)- This is a biggie- and probably the most cliche one of all, but I mean this is a very specific way. Stop and listen to the special tales of a wiggly tooth from a first grader. Stop everything and play a game of Mustache Smash with my three year old, stop and listen to my seven year old go on and on (sometimes for hours) about Minecraft. The children in my life bring me such joy if I just take the time to let them no matter how busy I may feel, how many house chores need to be done, or how crunched I feel for assessments.

*”Shake it Off”- Students, parents, administrators, colleagues, and even friends will do and say things that are frustrating or even *pout* hurt my feelings. Shake it off. People hardly do this on purpose, and if they do, then it’s more their problem than mine. I don’t do so well with this one. I take things personally… and I need to stop, which is why this is one of my school year resolutions in the first place.

*”I need a little sweetness in my life”- Notice how I said “a little”. I have a major chocolate in my top drawer problem. So… this is one of my biggest day-to-day-changes. I am going to try packing something in my lunch (a hershey kiss) and that’s it. Yes, I realize this could totally backfire and result in my indulging in chocolate at all hours of the night… we’ll see how it goes 🙂



So cheers to a new school year!