5 Ways to Get Ready for a TPT Sitewide Sale: For TPT Sellers/Shop keepers! blog.printableprompts.com

Did you hear the awesome news? TeachersPayTeachers is throwing a sitewide sale on Wednesday, February 25! This means that all customers will receive 10% off of the total purchase at checkout.  As a new shopkeeper, this is a super exciting time for me! There are many things to get ready for… So here they are… 5 ways to get ready for your TPT sitewide sale!

1. Get your resources posted and shared!-Get your resources posted on TPT before the sale. Sales generally bring in lots of traffic, so having as much of your inventory on as possible posted will be beneficial for you. Also, take the time to post them/pin them so people know about the great resources you have to offer!

2.Set your sale- I always like to set the 20% off recommended sale. I appreciate buying from sellers who offer their products at a discount, so I set it this way as well. This saves my customers 28% off of the price of the product! and the final 10% off… TPT covers. It’s at no additional cost to you!

3. Share your sale!- If you don’t have a sale/blog… get one! Get the word of the sitewide 10% off and also promote your own sale (28% off!!)!

4. Get your products linked! Linking your products to other similar products will help others find related resources they may also enjoy. If you’re not sure how to add clickable links to your products, check out my last blog article… a tutorial for adding links to TPT resources.

5. Coffee- Stock up.. and brew it! Too bad Dunkin doesn’t deliver.


These are just 5 ways I get ready as a seller… but I’m also a buyer, especially of awesome clipart. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s 5 steps to get ready for a sitewide sale as a customer!


-Jenn 🙂