Happy (Almost) Friday!
I am in my third week of using the SitSpots in my classroom and I can already see a HUGE difference with my students and management of routines in comparison to last year!

I figured that the SitSpots would help me keep students in their own personal space. I also figured that they would help me prevent the “creeper uppers” I always have when it’s time for a lesson or story, you know, the kids who end up sitting on your toes as you read.  I really struggled with how to arrange the dots. Would I place them in a circle, which is how we normally sit for meeting (but some kiddos have their backs to the board?). Would I place them in staggered rows, like the students often sit for a story? I’d hate for the kids to be so far away when I am reading a good story to them.  In spite of my worries, I decided to start with a circle.  Boy am I glad I did!

I never imagined how much the simple SitSpot circle would offer me as a teacher.

IMG_93995 Reasons I love the SitSpot circle in my classroom

1. It helps the students know where to go (just like the motto says!). No more crooked circles, with some boys and girls squeezed out, or left behind for morning meeting! I also use these at the end of the day. Once students have packed their things, they find a spot.  Everyone has a place to be!

2. The SitSpot Strategy! They help me, help my students make good seating choices. I’m sure you have it in your classroom too! Johnny and Jeffrey are both wonderful, but they are even more wonderful when they are not seated anywhere near each other. Behold, the SitSpot strategy! I assign both of them to blue dots and VOILA! neither one is next to the other!

3. Students can sit “on” or “inside” the circle. Although I thought originally that having the dots in a circle would limit their use to morning meeting and maybe dismissal, I found that telling the students to sit inside the circle for a story, has been an amazing thing. Every year I have table lingerers. They always slouch away and try to lean on a table, or sit all crouched down underneath  a chair (which usually leads to silly and distracting behavior). Well, problem solved. During  a story, lesson, or any other time I need the students sitting in a group, they all sit inside the circle.

4. I use the spots for other times of day too! We use parts of The Daily 5 approach in my classroom. Read to Self is one of the very important parts of our day. Most of the students know just where their (imaginary) spots are around the room. I do have a few students who really need a literal SPOT in order to know where to stay during this time of the day. Giving them spots on opposite sides of the circle has helped them during that time of day.

5. They brighten up my classroom. I know this is a silly one, but look how bright and fun they are?!?! They are much more inviting than masking tape, that’s for sure!


(You might be wondering about the center spot. We use this for shared materials during math center time. Sometimes I have a group work on the floor, so the basket or bin of shared materials stays on the dot, and the students stay inside the circle!)

So originally I was going to move these spots around as the kids got used to the routines so I could use them for centers and other activities, but I may have to find a way to get myself some different shapes to use for those purposes because so far, I am in love with my SitSpot circle!