So I opened my mailbox today to see that my most exciting summer purchase had arrived….




I’ve enviously eyed them in a colleague’s classroom, and it’s my turn for SitSpot fun!

I am going to start the year using them as spots for the children to sit… but I can tell that the possibilities for using them are endless.

Here are a few ideas I’ve seen or thought of:

*Spots for children to sit

*Spot for line leader to stand

*Spot for “center” game board or shared materials

*Write numbers or words and play beanbag toss to practice reading or math.

*Mark a walking path in the classroom

*Write the story parts on the spots. When the children step on the spot, they tell that part of the story!

The best part is that they adhere to carpet well, don’t leave behind residue, and you can vacuum right over top of them. Hooray for SitSpots!

I’ll keep you posted on any fun ways I find to use them!