It is so so cold outside and the snow is falling all over the country! This year, even places that rarely see snow are seeing it all around Whenever my students are excited about something, I start thinking about how I can use their excitement to fuel our learning and academic objectives!

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1. Learn all about snow!
My students love researching. They love when they can learn and understand big words, especially content specific science words. It gives them something to discuss around the dinner table with their friends and this knowledge empowers them! I love to use books to teach all about snow!
Here are some books about snow for young readers:

I like to capture student learning with graphic organizers and writing pages like these ones!

2. Catch a Snowflake- Exploration!

In a few simple steps, your students can catch and observe real snowflakes on a snowy day! Just place some dark colored paper (black works best) in the freezer and then catch a snowflake outside! It’s pretty cool what you can see in just a few minutes!

You can even throw in some procedural writing or observational writing as a response!

3.How Does A Snowflake Form?
Create a “life of a snowflake” wheel!

4. Make a Paper Snowflake!
Of course cutting your own snowflakes is an awesome and fun activity for students. It’s also a great way to discuss fine motor skills and encourage oral discussion of the types of snowflakes to use snowflake vocabulary!

5. Read like a Scientist!
We love to read narrative stories about snow and snowy days like scientists. Students discuss and label the images we see. If the story has a picture of a snowflake, we see if we can find the type of snowflakes we learned about.
It’s so neat to see how students can really apply their knowledge to read snowy stories!

This snow printables pack is great as enrichment for science and pairs nicely with a number of snowy day picture and fact books.

Snow day fun resources