Are you looking for a quick and easy activity  you can do at school or send home for snow day or winter homework? Snowmen are one of favorite themes for January thematic units but would also be great for December!

This snow stick makes a great holiday gift for students, or even a craft project you can do with your students or children!

I’ve created a quick and easy video to show how I created this little stick.


The best part is the extension that follows. I have created a few different templates for students to use where they can either measure the snow on separate days, over time, or even in different areas during the same storm.  These are all printable and no prep. Can you also do this graphing activity without the snow stick? Sure! … But it’s also really fun and not super expensive to make. 

I used the following materials to make my snow stick:

*5 gallon paint stir sticks (you could make smaller ones if you don’t get much snow).

*white craft paint

*3×3 square and 1/2 inch by 8 inch strips of felt (for the hat and scarf)

*Sharpies or permanent markers. You could also use paint but it’s a little harder to be precise.

*Mod Podge


*Hot Glue Gun

*Small piece of ribbon or string to tie to the top.


Then all  you need to do is:

1. Paint the stick white and allow to dry completely.

2. Glue the 3×3 piece of felt across the top as the hat.

3. Use a ruler to mark the inch marks on the stick using sharpie.

4. Draw the face with sharpie.

5. Mod Podge the stick and allow to dry completely.

6. Tie the scarf around and cut fringes in the scarf ends and hat tip.

7. Tie the string around the top of the hat to make it come together.


Get the printable directions and freebie here!

Looking for some ideas for snowman themed printables?

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