Check out my new freebie! It’s a step by step student work chart.

This chart has been SUPER helpful for my class as a whole, and has helped some of my students really build independence.

Here’s how I use it!

Step-By-Step student work chart Freebie!


1. Break down each task into three basic steps. I explain the steps in depth when I model the lesson.

2.Chant the three steps as a group. Post the larger step by step cards.

3.Students who benefit from a little extra visual have their own work cards (included).  I printed and laminated the cards, and then applied velcro to the chart and the backs of each of the work cards.  In the beginning I placed the three steps on the student cards, but now they go back to their seats and say the steps, and place the cards they need in order on their work charts.

This tool has been super useful with my students so I just had to share it as a freebie!