Subtraction within 10

School’s right around the corner. In Connecticut, we begin on August 26, so my classroom is all set up, and just one weekend and two PD days stand between me and another wonderful group of first graders.

In my district we don’t have a prescribed math program, and I choose to use guided math groups as my approach to math instruction. What I have found in the past is that a lot of resources we have include an activity and maybe an independent practice (usually very long for the kiddos), but hardly any include a game or extension that is a perfect fit for the kiddos working  independently.

Soo… you guessed it! I’ve been busy creating my own resources for each focus in our mathematics curriculum.

Subtraction within 10 printable practice, games, and activities!

Today I finished, and posted Subtraction Within 10. These resources align with the Grade 1 CCSS standards, but I think they could work for some kindergartners, and definitely as a warm up for first graders.

Here are some sample activities from the pack!

Subtraction Within 10. Grade 1 activities.

Fall themed Write the Room Math style. Print the set, cut out, and hang up. Students can practice subtraction during center time, or even all throughout the day!

Subtraction Within 10. Grade 1 activities.

Domino Subtraction!

Subtraction Within 10. Grade 1 activities.

Missing addend

Subtraction Within 10. Grade 1 activities.

Use a picture to write a number sentence

Subtraction Within 10. Grade 1 activities.

Sweet Subtraction! Candy themed subtraction fact game.

Subtraction Within 10. Grade 1 activities.

Candy themed subtraction fact game!

Subtraction Within 10. Grade 1 activities.

True/ False subtraction acorn. A solve and color activity!


If you’re interested, I’ve also posted this as a bundle with my Addition within 10 pack for a great savings! The activities are similarly formatted, and some games even use the same materials. I love that this allows students opportunities to practice with a familiar format, and also begin to develop an understanding about the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Addition and Subtraction within 10 bundle. Activities, games, and printable practice!

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