3 Easy Steps to Launch Independent Reading in your Classroom

In the early elementary school years, early literacy is a strong focus. Our goal as educators is to build strong, fluent, confident decoders and readers. We want students to build stamina and engage with books for much of the literacy block. You can do this with first graders starting on the very first day of school! Independent reading is seen by some educators as a waste of time, just page flipping. I even had an administrator tell me that half the students in any given class would likely have their books upside down during this time. With an organized and […]

21 Basic Literacy Terms Every Teacher Needs to Know : Free Printable Guide

With the rise of the Science of Reading and the increased testing in many states for new teachers, reading terminology is as important as ever. These important words are like a vocabulary bank for teachers and the knowledge and use of them can help you to: *Communicate effectively with colleagues about students and programs *Identify components of your literacy instruction *Report on student progress and goals on reports, 504s & IEPs *Understand the research surrounding early literacy *Help you to pass tests for educators Here are 21 Literacy Based Terms You Should Know If you want a handy dandy printable […]