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I love my job as a teacher, and it’s always great to have students, parents, and staff members remind me that I am doing a good job.

I’ll admit though, since my son has started school, this week has a whole new meaning for me.

I think my son is SUPER lucky to have the teacher he does, and so, here are 5 reasons I appreciate teachers (as a mom)

1. Teachers work LONG hours to make sure that they’re ready for our children.

2.Teachers often SPEND their own money on school materials and activities to use with… our children. I have seen a number of TeachersPayTeachers products come home with my son.

3.Teachers DO special things to make our children SMILE! My son’s teacher sent home this super cute “Have a Great April Break” card with a picture of the class. My son’s face immediately lit up with a smile when he saw the card in his folder on the first day of break.

4.Teachers APPRECIATE our children. We recently enjoyed a trip to Disney and my son picked out a special pen for his teacher. He said she was SO thankful that it was the ONLY pen she used all day.

5.Teachers LOVE our children. My son’s teacher loves to share about little things that he does, she believes in him and he often says “I think I’m one of her favorites”. I know that all of her students probably feel this way, but it’s an incredible thing to know that my son is and feels loved when I send him off to school 5 days a week.

I know that all of these things seem so obvious… as a teacher I work long hours, spend time and money on my students, do special things for my students, appreciate each and every one of them, and LOVE them all so much… for some reason, it just means so much more to me when someone else is doing these things for MY child every day. It’s the best gift a mom can receive. So as a Teacher and as a Mom, I say- HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!