So the first day has come and gone, and it’s time to really start discussing classroom and school expectations.

We use the PBIS approach to behavior management in my school (which I love!). This involves really explicit modeling of expectations throughout the school. In our school, we teach students how to be Kind, Responsible, Respectful, and Ready throughout the day, from the bus line, to the classroom, to specials, to the cafeteria!

In the classroom, we do a lot more than just one lesson when we discuss expectations for the year. One of my favorite books and characters is David!

We read No David, and then David Goes to School. We brainstorm advice for David on a chart on the board.

Then, students create their own David’s and write a piece of advice on a sentence strip below! My team has been doing this project for a long time, and the students love it year after year!



Then, we write our Class Promise, using the 4 areas of our school motto.  I like to take pictures of the students doing things that are kind, responsible, respectful and ready the first couple of weeks, and display the photos around the class promise! This is good motivation to be doing the right thing, and is also a fun way to make the children feel right at home from the beginning of the year.


I also read a couple of other great books the first week. The most difficult thing for first graders is to listen to the speaker. They have so many very important things to say! These two stories are great for your interrupters!