If your classroom has some social distancing precautions this year, teaching classroom rules may be a little bit different. You can still follow the steps for setting collaborative rules, even when the rules look a little bit different.

For example, sharing is something my class normally encourages with our classroom expectations, however this year, sharing is not really ideal with many of the social distancing guidelines.

Here are some rules you may have in a socially distanced classroom:

*Be Kind

*Keep hands to myself

*Listen to my teacher

*Use a quiet voice

*Raise my hand

*Stay in my own space (graphic for 6 ft apart)

*Wear a mask

*Keep hands out of my mouth

*Keep hands clean

*Do my best

I think you can totally follow the same flow of teaching classroom rules in a socially distanced classroom as I have in typical times. 

Engaging activities like an emergent reader, sorting, and posters can help (just like I’ve typically taught the rules) can still be done!

Here’s the updated social distancing classroom rules resource I’ve created with precautions and usual classroom rules in mind. I’ve included a digital version of the posters and sort so you can do these activities on the interactive white board by the teacher where students might be able to see the board from their seats.







The individual cut and paste activities and booklets are actually perfect for social distancing since they don’t need to be shared and each student can read the patterned text in order to practice remembering the rules.

Not teaching some of these rules? In this resource you can just leave out pages you don’t want to use or that have rules that don’t align with your plan! Easy peasy! 


If you’re using a hybrid model, students will probably need this set of rules along with a set for distance learning.