Can you believe summer is just around the corner? I certainly can’t! It’s that bittersweet dash until the finish line. The kiddos are DEFINITELY in full spring fever swing, just in time for end of year assessments. I admit, I get kind of excited for assessments. I always feel so proud of their hard work and kind of sad to send them on when there’s still so much we can do ( I know.. I know.. they will all have wonderful second grade teachers who will do the job).

With that, I have started working on some of my summer resources. I’ve posted just the first one so far


Camping Summer fun resources!  camping-journal1

This pack is perfect for an outdoor summer camp setup, complete with a camp journal and tons of options as to what kind of journal pages students will complete.  The variety of journal covers (Camping Journal, Camp Journal, and Outdoor Journal) also make this an excellent pack to use if you’re planning an outdoor field trip. There are pages to record observations and report on the day.

How could I not pair this with Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night? I know some teachers probably use camping/ camp as a fun way to end the year, so I wanted to be sure to include some great resources for those teachers who won’t be out marching through the woods with their students. So. there are also writing activities (How to make a s’more YUM!) and a couple of cute basic math games and activities.  And of course I paired the book in a bundle with my Henry and Mudge comprehension resources to make it more classroom friendly!

Check it out here!

Camping and Henry and Mudge bundle.

Happy Camping!