Dear Miss K,

Thank you.

Thank you for bringing him joy. Thank you for being the smiling teacher who is “very pretty with golden hair.”  Thank you for the “good day sticker” smack dab in the middle of his forehead every day, evidence of a day filled with laughter. Thank you for calling him “handsome” and lighting his face up! Thank you for holding his hand on the way to lunch. Thank you for making him feel like he is your favorite student ever… I’m pretty sure that all your students feel that way.

Thank you for taking care of him. Thank you for helping him overcome his fear of self flushing toilets.  Thank you for giving him a big hug when he was sad on the first day of school.  Thank you for letting him keep the box of tissues on his table when he had that never ending cold. Thank you for sending get well e-mails when he was home sick, and for the check in e-mails when he was at school. Thank you for switching his star week when he was sick ALL WEEK LONG and missed out on the fun. Thank you for walking him down to parent pick up just to make sure he got there safely when he was cleaning up at his typical turtle pace and missed heading down with his friends.

Thank you for noticing. Thank you for noticing when it was a good time for him to check in with the nurse for his asthma. Thank you for noticing him standing with his hand up as everyone else was off playing because he “doesn’t know how to hula hoop”.  Thank  you for noticing his strengths. Thank you for noticing his new “cool” haircut. Thank you for noticing that he REALLY wanted his lunch in his “forgotten at school” lunchbox the day he brought his spare… and for taking the time to help him switch his lunch over.

Thank you for sharing with him. Thank you for sharing your lunchtimes with him. Thank you for sharing your mom and dad, the famous Mr. & Mrs. K. Thank you for sharing your recess time on field day playing blocks with him, rather than taking the break you deserved so very much.  Thank you for sharing Sawyer stories with him, and thus our entire family (even if it took  my husband months to figure out Sawyer is a cat… and NOT a student in your class).   Thank you for sharing your very yummy extra snack with him… Thank you for later finding his goldfish crackers under his jacket… and thank you for letting it go. Thank you for sharing your love and joy of learning with him. Thank you for sharing your Saturday with him and his classmates at his friend’s birthday picnic, where you even let them throw the water balloons at you!

Thank you for celebrating him.  Thank you for the “love notes” celebrating his helpful, kind, and hard working moments.  Thank you for acknowledging him as  a “kindergarten role model”, a job he takes VERY seriously!  Thank you for cheering him on as he ran around the field when he crashed your running club on Wednesday afternoons.  Thank you for running with him. Thank you for running to him, without hesitation,  when he fell down.  Thank you for celebrating the birth of his little sister with as much joy as he had. Thank you for celebrating as he “earned” each one of his reading super powers. Thank you for celebrating by getting “teary eyed” as he made big accomplishments.

Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for checking and answering my e-mails 10 minutes before school starts. Thank you for “keeping an eye on him” when we welcomed our new baby, and when his dad went out of town. Thank you for inviting me in to share as a mystery reader, and during centers.  Thank you for making the worry disappear because I knew he was loved and cared for.

Thank you for being the kind of teacher who gives us so many wonderful things to remember.

We all love you Miss K!

Thank you.