TPT seller timesaver

Summer offers me lots of fun times with my own kiddos and time to develop new products, but it also offers me time to find myself ways to save time.

I have 122 products in my TPT store and I have retyped/recreated the credit and terms page for each and every one of these products. When I am finished preparing a packet to post, the last thing I want to do is design a cute credit page and toy with hyperlinking etc.

SO… today I created a separate file called “credit page” . Now I can easily copy/paste these pages to the end of every pack, and they are all prelinked to the clip art artists I use, along with my own facebook page, blog, and store. Now I can just make a few minor adjustments and VOILA my end pages are ready. Wahoo for ridding my products of boring boring final pages!  I’m feeling kind of silly that I didn’t just take the time to do this before, but, you know teachers and moms are both busy roles to play 🙂

Here’s what they look like!

credits-pages1 credits-pages


Next up: creating pages with links to related resources.


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