These fun Turkey and Thanksgiving activities are perfect for the days prior to Thanksgiving!

Turkey and Thanksgiving Fun!  blog.printableprompts.comInside, you’ll find web and All About writing pages for Native Americans, Squanto, Pilgrims, and Turkeys.

Turkey and Thanksgiving Fun!  blog.printableprompts.comTurkey and Thanksgiving Fun!

I have lots of books about Thanksgiving, but really like the video about Thanksgiving, which is currently one of their free videos!

Then, I have included an original poem and a Turkey in Disguise project!

The students read the original poem, and then disguise their turkey using paper, pom poms, whatever you want to pull out of the closet for them to use.

Then, they write a letter to someone convincing them that they are NOT a turkey, but actually the thing they are disguising them as.

Thanksgiving-disguise1 Thanksgiving-disguise2 Thanksgiving-disguise3
Also included is an “I am Thankful for the small things” activity. Materials and instructions are provided for students to write about some of the small things they are thankful for (scissors, paper etc). It’s a fun way to think outside of the box. I like to follow up my studies of the Pilgrims and Mayflower with this activity, when the students realize how different life was for the Pilgrims.

Thanksgiving-small-things Thanksgiving-small-things1 Thanksgiving-small-things3 Thanksgiving-small-things4


The writing pages shown above would also be great for doing any kind of Thanksgiving writing.

Thanksgiving Word Work!

Included is a practice page, and spinner/ bump game for each of the short vowels. They are all CVC words for this portion, which makes them great for kindergarten or first grade. I have also included a spinner and bump game for digraphs.

Thanksgiving-bump Thanksgiving-word-family Thanksgiving-bump2


Finally, I have included some more spinners,  but with numbers! These are great because the spinners are differentiated with numbers, and the recording sheets are also differentiated! This way you can choose the spinner and recording sheet just right for your students!

Thanksgiving-math1 Thanksgiving-math Thanksgiving-math2