I’ve shared before that I’m a huge sucker for thematic units and them


atic activities. I think they’re super engaging, and holidays are a perfect time for thematic resources!

This year I’ve been working on creating resources for younger students at the preschool and kindergarten level.

I thought maybe you’d like to try some of these activities for the young kiddos in your life whether they’re your children or students you’re working with.

Here are some Valentine’s day activities to practice number 1-5.

Clip Cards


Clip cards are one of my favorite ways to practice a number of beginning skills, mostly because they grow to be a more independent activity.  They also provide a common routine, but you can change the content in order to practice different skills. I also love that there is such a component of fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.  This set includes matching numbers to numbers, numbers to quantities, and quantities to numbers.

Spinner Game

If you have followed any of my elementary math resources, you know how much I love spinner games. I am a huge fan of using routines and switching out content (just like with the clip cards) and spinners allow for this, but also for differentiation! For this resource, I have included two spinners so that one requires children to match the number on the spinner to the recording sheet, and the other one requires matching the quantity to the number, so you can choose the version just right for the child or children you’re working with!


Number Journal


My little one is three now and she just LOVES having “homework” to do just like her brothers. She’s also dying to write. I printed this math journal 2 sided and stapled it so she had her own little number booklet.  There are three activities for each number: Count and color, show the number (either by drawing or cutting and pasting), and then a find and color where they match the actual numeral.



Number Posters:

While these posters alone aren’t really an activity, there is so much you can do with them! You can display them for number awareness, you can practice  counting to identify numbers, and they can also be used as mats for different number activities. For example, you could print them and have a child put one dough ball on the 1 card, 2 on 2 and so on.  You could also print these 2 or 4 to a page and print a few different copies to play a memory game.


We also did this cut and paste activity, which just requires some paper, a marker, and some cutout hearts (this is where my Cricut machine came in super handy!)


If you’re looking for something a little more advanced for number practice, this Valentine’s Day Color by Number resource might be just what you’re looking for!