Fill in the blank how you may, the beginning of the year is ALWAYS eventful!

I have been SO bad at updating my blog and working on new resources!

Here are 5 adjectives I would use in the blank so far (take them as excuses if you will).

What a busy start to the year!

-We begin January with assessments… lots and lots of them. We check in on their sight words, reading progress,  spelling  (twice) , reading comprehension, and writing. The month has flown by!

What a stressful start to the year!

-This month I have been a member of a committee reviewing potential math resources for our elementary level students across our district’s three schools.  Taking time away from the classroom to hear vendors is extremely time consuming. Seriously, writing up sub plans is more difficult than just going in to teach myself.

What an overwhelming start to the year!

-This month I also “volunteered” to be observed as a part of instructional rounds in my classroom. This meant ALL district administrators from ALL school levels (about 16 of them) passed through my classroom observing in 10 minute blocks. First graders, of course, are intrigued by this. Of course we are told this is “non evaluative”, but I care about my job and success, so it was quite overwhelming preparing and just waiting for it to be OVER!

What a noisy time of year!

Is it just me, or do all students come back from break with SO much to say and share… for days and days and days. The chitter chatter of a productive classroom is something I embrace, but this is a whole new level of noisy.  I blame it on the cold weather and indoor or shortened recess, but I know it’s probably got a lot to do with their growing friendships and getting back into our routine.

What an exciting start to the year!

We have had an awesome and exciting beginning to the year! We have worked on some of my favorite units (bears and other winter animals, snowmen, and MAGNETS!) We had an awesome visitor come to present to the kiddos about magnets and it feels so good to watch their eyes widen as they make new hands on discoveries. It is also the time of year when we begin writer’s workshop, so that’s pretty exciting too! Tomorrow is also the 100th day of school for us, so I am busy planning for the fun first grade happenings that we enjoy on the 100th day! (more to come about that!). It’s also my BEST TPT month and I am so excited to watch my little shop grow!


I have also decided to try something different, I am going to try to post some  parts of my freebies , to save you a step when it comes to accessing them online! We are toying with more advances to the blog.

Here is my first ever freebie! Please comment to share your Start of the Year Adjectives, or let me know what you think of the freebie(including if you have any trouble accessing it!)

sight-word-tic-tac-toe! (click here for the full PDF of the freebie!)